This time of sheltering in place is extremely challenging. It's too easy to get sucked into the news, social media, and television, so we encourage you to go outside, explore, and try to learn a little bit about your surrounding locale. We call this a local safari. Get lost... in your own backyard. See you out there! 

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What is Nocography? 

Nocography is photography taken through binoculars. Just align the phone camera lens with the eyepiece, and the binoculars will serve as a lens producing a unique image with a circular frame.  

How to Enter

1. Like Nocs Provisions on Instagram or Facebook.

2. Post your photo to your Instagram feed, stories, or your Facebook feed. 

3. Tag @n_o_c_s on Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtags #nocslocalsafari and #nocography with your post. 

4. Entries emailed to will be accepted. 

Tips for shooting - click for video how to: 

• Twist the eye cups on the Nocs out!

• Use the volume +/- buttons on the phone to trigger the shutter.

• Keep a finger of the phone hand resting on the Nocs, to create a "bridge for stability."

Video link here. 

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Rules of the Contest:

1. Still photos only, no video.

2. Photo must be taken through binoculars.

3. Must be in proximity of your home. 
(i.e. no tropical birds if you live in Maine)

4. Any content is acceptable 
(birds, plants, critters, urban landscapes, etc)

Submission deadline is 4/30 at Noon PST.

Submissions will be judged on content, composition, color, and creativity.

Contest Prizes

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Winner: Nocs Standard Issue Prize Pack


• 1x Standard Issue 8x25 (color of choice)

• 1x Tapestry Strap 8x25 (color of choice)

• 3D printed Nocs shell prototype (#veryrare)

• Recognition and featured in upcoming Nocs Special Issue snail mail deluxe print edition. 

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Runners Up (2nd + 3rd)

• Recognition and mentioned in upcoming Nocs Special Issue snail mail deluxe print edition.

• Shout out on social media and email. 

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All Entries

All entries will be collectively posted on the official Instagram and Facebook accounts, respectively.