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At Nocs, there is no question that the ocean is a major inspiration to us. We are in awe of the mystery of the depth and vast size, and the unbridled sublime energy capable of providing thrills and destruction alike. 

Cobalt Blue Waterproof Binoculars

However, there is another type of body of water that equally captivates us: lakes. The Cobalt Blue Nocs are our tribute to the wild lakes of this planet. While we all know where to find the ocean, the mystery of the hidden alpine lake is something that captivates us to explore. With the right mix of topographic maps, good friends, and the right provisions, the discovery of wild lakes in the high alpine is a strenuous search for a relaxing reward. 

In these lakes, we find nature in a pure form. Aside from minimal evidence of humans, we find magnificent creatures: diving ducks, egrets, frogs, beavers, even a river otters in some secluded alpine lakes. Not to mention, jumping in for a swim recharges the soul. Clothing is always optional. 

Cobalt Blue Waterproof Binoculars

The deep blue Cobalt Nocs are dedicated to this search for hidden, wild lakes that exist off the beaten path. May the best, most beautiful gems remain hidden to all but the most tenuous explorers. And may said explorers be responsible stewards, doing all to reduce their human impact, collecting any and all trash and human rubbish, and by respecting the creatures that live there. 

Lastly, please skip the social sharing, geotagging, and fitness apps on these adventures. Keep it low key. Social media has caused overcrowding in many key natural areas - keep it a secret - create friendships over shared knowledge. Create, build, discover.