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Peak Design Capture Clip

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The perfect clip. We imagined a clip for the Zoom Tube, easy, sturdy, and minimalist - and looked no further than the masterpiece cooked up by Peak.

Nocs Highlights

No-Matter-What Lifetime Warranty

Full Aluminum Unibody Construction

Single Handed Operation with Lock

IPx7 Waterproof

MAX Versatility

Fits Any Strap

This well thought out piece of design can attach to any backpack, belt, bag, you name it - with two secure locking screws and a quick disconnect.

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Intuitive and simple

One Handed Release

With a simple push button, release the Zoom Tube with one hand, and clip it back in the same way.

Nocs Lifestyle Imagery showing the product

Twist Lock

Ultra Sturdy

With full aluminum construction and a rubber traction pad, this clip is not going anywhere, guaranteed. With a locking switch, your Zoom Tube or camera is physically secured to your body.

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Too easy

Freestanding Base

Released from the clip backing, the Zoom Tube can stand on its own easily with the base. Never lose your gear.

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Material: Anodized Aluminum Rubber