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WHLSL: Woven Tapestry Strap

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A comfortable and stylish woven strap for binoculars or cameras

Nocs Highlights

No-Matter-What Lifetime Warranty

Designed for Max Grip And Protection


Built to Get Out There

Like your favorite jeans, this strap wears in and get comfier with time. A woven jacquard material crafted from dyed cotton is soft to the touch and stays true.

Nocs Lifestyle Imagery showing the product


Reenforced Stitching

A nylon reenforced backbone with multiple layers of stitching ensure this strap can support all devices for decades. Beyond whats required for Nocs.

Nocs Lifestyle Imagery showing the product


Quick Release Connectors

Quick to connect, quick to release, the included quick release clips make for easy attachment to the strap, and detachment when not needed. Adjustable G-clips allow you to get the length right.

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Level Up Your Look

Choose any flavor of the tapestry strap and elevate your style game outdoors. Gone are the days of needing to look granola or crusty with your binoculars - style it up!

Nocs Lifestyle Imagery showing the product