Interesting Bird Hemp Bucket Hat -


A limited edition twill bucket hat that highlights the beauty and diversity of wild birds. Limited in each release, paying homage to the elusiveness of our avian earth neighbors.

Nocs Highlights

Stitched Embroidery Artwork

The stitched embroidery on all Nocs headwear is layered by vector, rendering accurate details and a beautiful texture. Made to shine for a lifetime.

Nocs Lifestyle Imagery showing the product

100% Organic Cotton Twill Fabric

Made from a durable cotton twill that has a sturdy yet soft feel. These organic materials were chosen for years of comfort.

Nocs Lifestyle Imagery showing the product

Color Pop Underbill

Ever seen a Mot Mot’s vibrantly blue tail feathers, or a Pileated Woodpecker’s bright red cap? It takes a lot to stand out in the animal kingdom these days and we’re taking lessons from these interesting birds! Our Color Pop Underbills were inspired by a desire to look fresh and add a second dimension of color.

Nocs Lifestyle Imagery showing the product