Field Issue 8x32

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Featuring excellent optics in a refined, compact form factor built to get you seeing more outdoors. The optics trickle down from our Pro Issue, with an oversize focus wheel and objectives, in a lightweight, durable compact housing built to go places.

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No-Matter-What Lifetime Warranty

Best in Class Optics

Designed for Max Grip And Protection

Waterproof + fog proof

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Best overall binoculars for bird watching: Field Issue

Why we like it: Nocs' Field Issue binoculars are affordable, compact, and waterproof to a depth of about three feet, according to the company. This model combines the same high-quality optics as the Nocs Pro Issue binoculars with the compact size and durability of the company's Standard Issue binoculars. It comes in two sizes (8x32 and 10×32), with a comfortable rubberized exterior in multiple colors, a cleaning cloth, and a strap.

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Do Touch That Dial.

Oversized Focus Wheel

We designed the Field Issue from the ground up for ultra smooth, ultra precise focusing. By fine tuning the wheel resistance and leverage ratio of the central focusing mechanism, the Field Issue allows for exacting visual adjustments from 9.3ft to infinity.

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Rich Color Representation

Fully Multi Coated Optics

With a unique lens coating formula designed for an exceptional light transmittance rate for its compact size, the Field Issue provides a rich color reproduction for bright, sharp views from edge to edge of the wide field of view.

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Goes The Distance

Lightweight Frame

Weighing in at only 16.7 oz or 473g, the Field Issue uses a medical grade, ultra rugged thermoplastic frame to house the optical system. We designed this for all-day glassing missions and foot powered travel to remote locations, where every ounce makes a difference.

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Lab Tested and Rated

Waterproof + Fogproof

Like the rest of our binocular line, the Field Issue is lab rated IPX7, meaning it can take a smattering of dust, water, and humidity and continue to perform. Submersible in up to three feet of water and nitrogen sealed to prevent internal condensation, these can be brought along for any adventure.

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Refined Feel and Drop Tested

Rugged Wave Grip

No slip in the palm, engineered to protect the optics, this evolved design provides a comfortable feel in hand and a build that dissipates impact forces on the optical system.

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See It All

Multi Stop Twist Up Eyecups

The eyecup assembly of the Field Issue allows for a perfect fit on every face. With or without glasses, the multi stop twist up eyecup mechanism provides three distinct positions to optimize viewing for all.

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Shot on Nocs

Snap a Photo

The Field Issue was designed to accommodate for smartphone photography and videography. Just line up your smartphone to capture the moment and share with your citizen scientist peers.

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Power: 8x 10x
Obj. Lens Diameter: 32mm 32mm
Prism Glass / Type: BaK4 / Roof BaK4 / Roof
Number Of Lens: 6 pieces, 4 groups (per side) 6 pieces, 4 groups (per side)
Lens Coating: HiFi Fully Multi Coated HiFi Fully Multi Coated
Focus System: Central Central
Focusing Lens: Internal Sealed Internal Sealed
Exit Pupil Diameter: 4mm 3.2mm
Field of View Angle: 7.38º
Field Of View: 387ft @ 1000yd (130M) 315ft @ 1000yd (130M)
Close Focus: 2.8m / 9.3ft 2.8m / 9.3ft
Relative Brightness: 16 16
Resolution: 172mm / 6.8 in 172mm / 6.8 in
Diopter System: Right Eyepiece Right Eyepiece
Diopter Comp: ±3º ±3º
Interpupillary Distance: 53mm - 72mm 53mm - 72mm
Eye Relief: 16.8mm 16.8mm
Waterproof: IPx7 (1M/30min) IPx7 (1M/30min)
Nitrogen Filled: Yes Yes
Eyecup System: Twist-Up Twist-Up
Dimensions: 124mm x 112mm, 4.9" x 4.4" 124mm x 112mm, 4.9" x 4.4"
Weight: 473g, 16.7 oz 473g, 16.7 oz
Technical wireframe rendering of the Field Issue 8x32 from above
Technical wireframe rendering of the Field Issue 8x32 from the side
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Francesco M.
United States United States

Customer Service

I am not one to leave poor reviews. Literally ever, mind you. But in this specific case, I almost feel obligated. I was literally as excited as I could have possibly been to get these binoculars. I had a multi-state roadtrip from Montana to Michigan planned for months, and for this trip I really, REALLY wanted a great pair of binoculars. I had been doing research for a very long time, and despite what other people were telling me, I was absolutely set on these binoculars. I knew I wanted the field issue 8x32mm, and I preferred the red over the blue or grey that were available at the time, however, the red was out of stock. I shot a message to Nocs asking when they thought the red would be restocked and they told me "mid-June." I decided that I'd give it some time in hopes that I could get the specific binoculars I wanted, as this is a pretty big investment for me. However, by June 19th, the red binoculars weren't in stock, and I was set to leave on June 28th, so I decided to place my order and just get the blue ones instead. Obviously, expecting them to arrive by June 28th with regular shipping is cutting it a little bit close, so I decided to pay the extra $10 for 2 day expedited shipping. However, since Nocs goes through the Shop app, my old university address autofilled, and I didn't realize until the moment the order received screen came up , of course, totally my mistake. I saw on the website that they can reroute if you get ahold of them quick enough. So I sent a message asap, literally within minutes of sending in the order, and hoped for the best. Since June 19th is a holiday (juneteenth) they couldn't respond untill around noon on June 20th. Again, not their fault. However, at like 10am on the 20th I got the notification saying the order was shipped, and I had a feeling that I was out of luck. When Nocs responded, they basically told me as much, and I asked "so what can I do to recieve my package." To which I didn't recieve a response until June 24th after sending a second email? On the 20th, long before Nocs had responded, I had done some research and found out what shipping company Nocs goes through. I was able to contact Better Trucks on the 20th, and according to an email I received from Better Trucks on the 24th, they had the address changed and the package redirected before the package even arrived at the Better Trucks facility. Seems like everything should have been all good, right? However, by June 24th, the tracking had not moved one bit since the 20th, when it first arrived at their facility. I used their chat feature to just kinda see what was going on. As, mind you, this package had 2 day shipping, and it's now been 5 days since I ordered? And apparently the redirection was done before they even received the package. Well, when I asked for this update, there was a bit of confusion, but in the end, they had basically just said oh yeah everything is all good, should be at your door in like 2 days. Well, 2 days later on the 26th, the package STILL had not moved from that shipping facility, so I tried to contact Nocs, as well as Better Trucks to kinda be like, hey, I don't think it's all good, but to no avail. And that night, of course, I recieved an email from my university stating that the package was received at their front desk and that it is being returned to sender. So now, I am writing this on the 27th feeling highly confident that I will not be receiving these binoculars in time for my trip, despite paying the $10 for 2 day shipping and giving both companies 9 days to do so. I wish I could review the product itself, but I cannot. And at this point, I've just bought a pair of 8x32mm Nikons with same day shipping from Amazon in hopes that I don't have to do my trip empty handed. And listen. I understand that a lot of this could be blamed on the shipping company, but my main issue, and my reason for giving a 1 star, is just because it was seemingly impossible to just get ahold of anyone anywhere. Almost as though they don't want to have to deal with customer complaints. I only spoke to one person from Nocs the entire time, and no shade to her at all. It just seems that when you are selling a product that is like a serious investment to hobbyists, communication should be FAR easier than it was. And on top of that, my main problem is that I was keeping CONSISTENT contact with both companies. Literally trying to get some response every single day, and somehow, no one was able to evaluate my situation over an entire 9 day period. Both companies had 9 days to try and help me with a package that should have arrived to me in 2, and somehow I didn't manage to recieve ANY help. I'm sure that it might sound like I'm complaining to no one but myself right now, but I've never had this much trouble getting help from a company before. There isn't a phone number that I can call for either companies. I'm sure you guys have a great product, but you definitely need to work on this...a lot...

United States United States

Thru The Looking Good Glass

Have owned several binocs over the years and this one excels. Construction is very good and the image quality is excellent. Intend to use them for birding. Handheld nocs and phone camera for photo and was amazed at the outcome. Definitely recommend.

United States United States

Perfect binoculars for me

I am a senior with strength issues. I found this binocs to be lightweight and easy to use. Love the ocean vibe in the design. They stay in my car and of course transfer to my carry on luggage. Need a second set to keep at home to watch the wildlife out our back door.

United States United States

Compact and powerful!!

I got the 8x32 in coral red and I am OBSESSED. I have been searching for a higher quality binocular for bird watching that doesn’t break your neck. These are light, small, and super easy to focus. And they’re cute as heck. The strap allows me to carry them cross body as well!! Thinking about buying a zoom tube for my wife so I don’t have to share.

United States United States

Crisp and colorful

I bought the 8x32s for my wife's birthday. "Oh, wow!" -- those were her first words when she took a look at the backyard birds. Mine too, when I tried them a minute later. Colors and details are crisp; the field of view just right for following birds and critters as they move. The rubberized surface gives a sure grip and the adjustable eye relief makes the 'nocs easy to share between people with and without glasses. Smooth and easy focus, too. Great gift!